Online Booking

Schedule – Updated Every Sunday

Monday  Feb 19th
Ana Maria – 6pm to 10pm

Tuesday –  Feb 20th
Jamie – 12pm to 7pm
Atley – 12pm to 5pm
Kate – 12pm to 11pm
Eva – 12pm to 10pm

Wednesday – Feb 21st
Nicky – 12pm to 7pm
Kate – 12pm to 11pm

Thursday-  Feb 22nd
Riya – 12pm to 9pm

Friday – Feb 23rd
Nicky – 11am to 7pm
Kate – 12pm to 11pm
Riya -12pm to 9pm
Natalie – 11am to 8pm
Daisey – 11am to 8pm

Saturday – Feb 24th
Riya – 12pm to 9pm
Natalie – 11am to 9pm

Monday – Feb 19th
Sophia – 12pm to 10pm

Tuesday –   Feb 20th

Wednesday –  Feb 21st
Alice– 11am to 7pm
Chloe – 12pm to 11pm
Eva – 6pm to 11pm

Thursday –  Feb 22nd
Daisey – 1pm to 9pm
Alice – 11am to 7pm
Chloe – 10am to 1pm

Friday –  Feb 23rd
Alice – 12pm to 7pm

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